The A-B Raider is an advanced fighter craft used by the Cylon Alliance in Galactica 1980.


AB Raider Screencap 02

Warbook image of A-B raider[2]


Colonial Viper readout on A-B Raider[3]

The massive A-B Raider is an advanced form of Cylon Raider. It has a crew of six, consisting of two Cylon androids (Andromus and Andromidus) and four Centurions. Its exact offensive and defensive capabilities are unknown. It seems to possess an offensive range far greater than that of conventional Raiders (and Colonial Vipers) as well as some form of communication jamming.


A-B Raider crew

The crew of an A-B Raider[3]

Internally, the ship has a different layout from its predecessor. In the center of the ship, the two-man console acts as a central control station, which is operated by the advanced Cylon android models. The forward two consoles are piloting controls and the stations flanking the control consoles are weapons controls, all four stations controlled by Centurions.


In the only recorded encounter, Captain Kanon and Lieutenant Britton discover the A-B Raider while on recon duty in a two-seat Colonial Viper.

AB Raider Screencap 07


Unable to damage it with the Viper's conventional weapons, Kanon rams the A-B Raider, crippling both craft. The A-B Raider's trajectory causes it to crash on the surface of Earth, destroying all its occupants except its commander, Andromus, and one of the Centurion pilots. While Lieutenant Britton is injured in the collision, the Viper manages to limp back to Galactica to report their findings on this new threat and the fact that the Cylons have discovered Earth.

The A-B Raider is fitted with an automatic detonator, a self-destruct device that is capable of destroying the craft entirely. After crash landing outside of New York City, Andromus activates this mechanism, noting they had microns until it destroyed the ship. The New York State Police that respond to the crash are unable to find anything (The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I).[3]


Attack on the Delphi

Attack on the Delphi[3]

In the script for "The Super Scouts, Part I", this advanced raider makes it appearance in greater detail that correlates to what was seen in the later episode, "The Night the Cylons Landed". The only remnants of its appearance is a brief scene during the attack on the school ship Delphi.[3]


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