Description and Notes Edit

Fleet data: Sleek lines, increased firepower and suped up propulsion systems make a Killer Bee Fighter stand out from its shuttle cousins. Since its original introduction in 2298 the Killer Bee has earned a reputation as a very tough and capable little fighter among crews and enemies of the Federation. Varients of the original design continue to appear for example with the addition of micro-torpedos, ECM or sensor modules, and stealth technology often perplexing the enemy concerning the actual capabilities of the fighters they are facing. Numerous squadrons of Killer Bees are serving throughout the Federation on combat, reconnaisance and short range patrol duty.

To increase crew survivability, the tractor beam was removed and replaced by an emergency transporter. The flight suits worn by Killer Bee crews function as an environmental suit and in addition the suits are armored and energy signals are masked making detection by the enemy of the pilot or weapons/science crew difficult in the event that they have to bail out or evade capture.[2]


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